Breaking Ground at Forfar

Forfar Breaking Ground photo shoot

Though past the age where my complexion will benefit from the May Day morning dew, nevertheless the beginning of the month brought me my first early start for a long while!  My leg is now well on the mend and site work is back on the agenda. Ground was broken today on ‘The Forfar Botanists Garden.’ Situated on a rectangular plot where changing rooms for the nearby sports field used to stand, the site will be the focus for my efforts over the next few weeks.

First days on site are always the worst; is everything organised, what unforeseen problems will crop up, will deliveries turn up on time, logistically they can be a nightmare. Fortuitously today couldn’t really have went much better, the sun shone, the site was cleared and the foundation trenches were dug without a hitch. Concrete gets poured tomorrow and I’m eager to start working with the 50 tonnes of stone sitting there waiting to be built into the walls for the garden. Pictured above is some of the committee lending a hand for the local press.

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